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The Pull

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Ladies 'Get Ready To Pull' in this new product for Spring and all year round from Maude and Fox.

The ladies 'Pull shooting vest is made to fit curves and be feminine as well as practical.

Sporting tweed bellows pockets for easy cartridge access, a hidden zip up pocket within the bellows pockets for car keys, money, lipstick... Made with tweed from Scotland on the front, with a blue canvas back and a cheeky but subtle 'Pull' embroidered on the back. The fuschia lining makes it feel comfortable as well as looking fabulous.

Cut to a flattering length, suede on the shoulders for grip and wear ( can also make for lefties ).

Small tabs at the side accentuate waist but do not get in the way of the gun.

A product to be enjoyed Trap Shooting, Clay Shooting or Game Shooting.

This product is currently being made to order please contact

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